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Finally! Pokemon au for Sherlock! Only took me two months ah hahahahaha

It’s one of the stories I had for that Sherlock au fanbook I’m working on. This thing took so long I had time for a lot of headcanon stuff to develop.

Stuff like:

  • Sherlock’s inability to form a bond with any pokemon (until Gengar)
  • The guy in the photo is Sherlock’s great grand uncle on his mother’s side
  • The Holmes family specializes in fire type
  • The Gengar’s name used to be Unknown but Sherlock changed it to Bill
  • Sherlock has been modifing pokeballs to have a higher capture rate

That’s all I can recall right now. Anyways now I can move on to drawing the rest of that fanbook. Hopefully it’ll be finished before Christmas…orz

Edit: Also there’s no dialogue for this story.


Mer!Mystrade, but there’s not much mermaid…oops. Inspiration came from a sea ballad called The Drowned Lover (link to lyrics). There’s no dialogue.

I don’t know if you can tell Greg’s accident happened when they were younger and it’s been a while (I tried to age Mycroft subtly?), but that just makes it sadder (I hope).

Now just need to finish the Dragon!lock story and some other things and the fanbook will be done!


Speedpaints I did last night, tried to limit myself to about one hour each; went a little over I think…! All painted haphazardly from scratch (eargh so perspective on the second one is probably off), with reference to some caps. I definitely need more environment practice so I will do more of these.

I also recorded my screen while I did these so hopefully I will stop being lazy and actually update my Youtube with some process videos.

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